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Dear affiliates and Peers,

Craig Crawford here!

I'm bringing you a project I had in mind for quite some time now and had the pleasure of having my top team of coders working on this with me!

First off, I’d like to say a massive thank you for firstly coming to this page, and secondly a thank you for thinking about promoting this amazing product!

This cool platform has literally turned marketing personalisation upside down and made it easier than ever! Allowing People with ZERO experience to become a personalisation marketer like NEVER before – Allowing them to make the steps towards that important sale, the relationship build, the engagement, the click, the open… And more…

So What’s “CaptiPic”?

This is a cloud-based software that’s not just something that’ll improve people’s email marketing when it comes to personalisation, but their sales, their opens, their clicks and engagement


It helps with the deployment of personal marketing messages within websites and popups too!

Who Is Capitpic For?

  • Internet marketers who want to engage their lists, increase sales and profits by giving their leads a personalised message/messages, increase their brand, relationships and MORE
  • Affiliate marketers who want to have the edge on other affiliates giving their lists a personal message.
  • Any marketer wanting to give a more personal, bespoke marketing message in their sales funnels and marketing messages/sales pages
  • Marketers looking to enhance the sale or signups of exiting traffic on their websites
  • Anyone looking to enhance their marketing professionalism and brush up on personalisation.

Captipic is a total cloud-based solution for ANYONE, regardless of technical ability or online skills to create not just marketing messages within email, but websites AND popups too!


Checkout Our High Converting Sales Funnel

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Look At These Examples Of What’s Possible With CaptiPic

1. See An Example Of A Congruent Lead Capture Page Which Will Begin Our Bespoke, Personalised Lead Experience:

2. This is an embedded email example! See how you can embed the persons name within the email, just like Frank Kern!

Or.. 3 – Take the code, add it to websites and VOILA! Personalised web pages for your leads, subscribers & customers!

Email Swipes


Captipic – Live today, Join the titans like Frank Kern & Even Coca Cola

Want to be like the big marketing giants.. But Be Better?

Revolutionise your marketing strategies with personalisation

Personalisation marketing is KEY! Now you too can be a master at it.

Enhance your customers & prospects journey.. Being personal is KEY!

Unlock Your HIGHEST Conversions Revenue From Each Lead…

817% increase in sales? 600% in page conversions? YES PLEASE!



Hey [NAME]

I’ve got something that’ll SHOCK YOU!

  • Imagine being able to personalise your marketing campaigns within websites…
  • Imagine being able to lead anyone you desire down a marketing funnel with personalised instructions, with personalised offers tailored to EACH and every subscriber you have..
  • Imagine showing your prospects personalised, professional high-quality marketing messages within email that make you stand out from the rest!
  • Imagine being able to HALT your exiting prospect buyers by grabbing their attention before they leave… Never to return again…

Well my friend, today is that day this is ALL possible! See More Here << [[[LINK]]]

Today, you can take your conversions & sales to the NEXT level, alongside people like Frank Kern… BUT BETTER!

In minutes you are able to enhance your marketing by personalising images inside:



Cool, right?!

You can increase of not just clicks within email marketing strategies, but conversions inside your emails, website and popups… All while business relationships, professionalism and more…

Introducing Captipic:

Captipic allows your customers to have your marketing messages stand out and use a system that you can benefit for years to come… And at a STEAL!

The big guys have been using it inside email for quite some time…

Now we’re taking it to the NEXT LEVEL with this ingenious cloud-based software! Captipic is the must-have software for ANY marketer… And on the next page you’ll see how GREAT this product is!

Go see the Demo here <<< [[[LINK]]]


  1. There’s bonuses on the next page just waiting for you to grab!


Okay, so it’s time to get serious about your marketing….

It’s time to take your business to the next level and evolve like some of the big companies have been able to afford.. But you can do this even better!

Now, using a brand-new cloud-based software you can unlock your highest conversions revenue from each one of your prospects..

And the best bit?

You can set it up within minutes! See here <<< [[[LINK]]]

Captipic is the latest personalisation marketing suite that boasts features you’ve NEVER ever seen or heard of before..

In fact, only the top dogs have been using email marketing personalisation to it’s maximum potential…

People like Frank Kern.. Coca Cola and others…

BUT they had to stop at just email marketing image personalisation… There wasn’t anything else out there that offered any solutions…

This is where you’re about to leap over the hurdles that everyone else, including the big guys have fallen at

Captipic allows your to personalise ANY marketing message you desire on ANY website and in emails too!

Imagine being able to capture the attention of your prospect buyers, your email subscribers and EXITING traffic by using personalised popups!

It’s all possible…

See more here << [[[LINK]]]




Hey, [NAME]

Do you want more traffic?

Email open and click rates boosting?

Sales conversion boosts by over 600%?!

If this is a yes… (Which it should be) then you need to listen up! And fast!

Today, Captipic – An all in one personalisation marketing suite is on sale and is here for people like you to help dominate the internet for yearssssss to come!

People like Frank Kern, companies like Coca-Cola and more have been using email personalisation images for quite some time…

BUT they’re limited at that.

Are you!? HELL NO! Captipic allows you to do what they do, it also allows you to personalise images within websites AND images within pop ups!

Cool, Right?!

Here’s the demo for your viewing << [[[LINK]]]

I’m serious when I say this hasn’t been done before.. And I’m serious when I say no one else has been able to achieve better results than when they personalise marketing messages and strategies.

The one favourite word people like to hear…?


It’s a fact, its your identity… It’s who you are!

So when people call you by your name, rather than a cold “mr or mrs” you listen up and pay attention!

Go see more here and you’ll see this is a serious tool and easy enough to use for ANY marketer!

Thank me later,


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Craig Crawford

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